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Who on earth doesn't struggle with removing unwanted hair? Nobody actually. We are all in the struggle except maybe you're an early man, which we are most certain you're not. The fact we all want to do away with unwanted hair in certain regions of our body makes the Laser Hair Removal one of the most sort after body treatments, and one of the fastest growing non-evasive cosmetic procedures in the country.

There are loads of questions from prospects regarding how it works, the price, treatments needed, the lasers and its results. Here we deal with some of the FAQs:

How Does It Work?

Science has shown us that the human body has stem cells, and these cells are responsible for creating hair in the follicle. What a Laser Hair Removal does is that it targets your stem cells using gentle pulses of energy which penetrate the epidermis and are drawn to the pigment in your follicle. Our product the proprietary technology, LaserFast comes embedded with an effective laser and cooling system. When put to use, the LaserFast gets absorbed in the hair follicle. The follicle gets heated to a severe temperature in order to stop future hair growth. While treatment takes place, the cooling technology kicks in to keep the skin cool during the whole process.

Is The Treatment Right For Me?

The LaserFastHair Removal treatment has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective on every area of the body and for all skin types. The only exception being for those with white hair, bright red hair and very light blonde hair, as the laser doesn't work well with those.

What Sort Of Laser To Make Use Of?

You should make use of our Candela laser, as it's been carefully tested through years of treatments and is FDA certified. Everyone who has made use of its treatment have attested to its tremendous results. This explains why we are currently the best reviewed providers for laser hair removal anywhere, thanks to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Does It Hurt?

Our Laser hair removal treatment brings no discomfort. Those who have used the treatment liken the feeling to having a rubber hand slightly hitting the skin. What Results Should I Expect? A single treatment with our product will get you 15% hair reduction. Following 8-10 treatments, expect nothing less than being 90-95% permanently hair free. Yeah it's that awesome!

How Much It Costs?

The price for treatment depends largely on a number of factors to include skin type, hair follicle, etc. Before giving prices for our services, we first and foremost initiate what we like to refer as a completely complimentary consultation. With the aid of a specially designed microscope, we ascertain the nature of your hair follicle and also analyse your skin. Following analysis, we are able to discover which treatment works best for you, and how much the treatment would cost you.

How Old Should I Be To Take Treatment?

Anyone under the age of 13 isn't allowed to take the treatment. This is because they are still experiencing changes physically and biologically. Any child under the age of 18 coming for treatment must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Are There Risks With Laser Hair Removal?

There is almost no risks associated with laser hair removal. It is after all a 15-45 minutes procedure with no recovery time. But just as every other medical procedure, laser hair removal comes with an informed consent that details any possible risk.

How Can I Book A Consultation?

That's not big deal. All you'll need do is give us a call on 1-800-880-1671 to speak with one of our client care consultants

We are ever ready to help out so give us a call today!