About Us

About Premier Laser Spa

We kicked off business with the sale of Laser and Aesthetics. In no time, we grew from being that firm known for selling just Laser and Aesthetics to a firm that offers one of the best laser hair removal services in the country. The decision to change our line of business only occurred when we spotted a growing demand for the service. In recent years, Premier Laser Spa has expanded its business and now offers other services to include cellulate reduction, skin lightening and body contouring.

The year 2008 saw us open our very first location. It's over a decade now since we launched out, and it's been an amazing journey so far. Premier Laser Spa has grown tremendously, and has within the years satisfied a host of customers. We now have 15 locations in 12 states, you name it - from Upstate New York down to Central Florida to across the Midwest we have a presence there, turning us into one of the biggest firms in the country providing laser hair removal and body contouring services.

We've sharpened our expertise and made ourselves the best in the industry in both areas of results and customer service. We are even recognized as the number one hair-removal option in every of our market. At Premier Laser Spa, we have a strong commitment to quality and a verified process of delivering our service we haven't stopped improving.

Our excellent Candela lasers have been tested and approved by the FDA. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, we are the best reviewed provider of the service in the industry. In fact, our clinically proven and FDA approved lasers - Venus Legacy and Venus Freeze known to provide revolutionary treatment have been endorsed by celebrities and clients from all over the world.

So Why Choose Us

  • Our services are amongst the best reviewed in each of their markets. • We offer a wide range of laser hair removal and body contouring services like no other in the industry
  • Our lasers come embedded with a LaserFast™ technology that lets it provide users with customized treatments in a matter of minutes
  • Our technicians are well trained and highly experienced in the field
  • We provide you with private and world class treatments. We also have amazing consultation rooms
  • We provide you with Industry-exclusive microscopic analysis
  • When working with us, the outcomes are always favorable to you our customer

So why not choose us today? We after all offer treatments you can count on and results that are immediately evident in your body and mind.